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We can help your practice with allergies. We’ll do everything from start to finish for free and without risk. No other company offers this. We’ll give you a trained allergy technician who will do the work under your supervision. We also have a billing service that will give you reports before you pay us.

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Improve your medical practice by offering allergy testing and treatment in your office with convenient in-house services.

The 5 Pieces of the "Allergy Jigsaw”

We have a special “Allergy Jigsaw” solution consisting of 5 parts for our Allergy Services. We are the only ones in the USA who can give you the whole solution. With American Allergy Services, you can make allergy care easier for your patients and grow your revenue-per-patient. Our service offering is all-encompassing, and you can improve your patient experience by providing fast, accurate results in-house. You won’t have to send your patients to a specialist and risk losing revenue from reimbursements.

Click on the respective puzzle pieces below to learn more:

Certified Allergy Technician Training

American Allergy Services has the ONLY certified, former military, allergy instructor in the country that is able to provide a nationally recognized certified allergy technician training course to its employees.

By the end of the training, our qualified allergy technicians are capable of implementing a complete allergy testing and immunology process within the clinical partner’s existing medical location framework.

Capable of performing at a highly professional clinical level, our techs can perform all aspects of the allergy testing and immunotherapy process, including skin testing, immunotherapy administration and protocols and complete all clinical administrative processes in accordance with Stark Law and antikick-back guidelines.

Patient Preverification

We qualify every patient's medical necessity from the daily clinical schedule and previous 90-day history within the EMR. A patient MUST have an ICD 10 code to be forwarded to the insurance verification process.

Once a medical necessity has been established, the patient's insurance, demographics are sent to be verified for CPT code coverage -

Testing - 95004 & Treatment Compounding – 95165

Patients’ verification now allows the provider to see the patient as per the normal clinical schedule. If there are no contraindications, the provider will refer the patient for testing to begin.

Allergy Percutaneous Testing Process

The patient will be tested for 40 aeroallergens and 40 food extracts on both arms and back. Pediatric patients will be tested for a combination of both panels to a max of 40 allergens on their back from ages 4 – 12 yrs. old.

Based on a Wheal x Flare measurement, it will be determined as per the AAAAI threshold formula if the patient meets treatment criteria.

Educating the patient on both the testing measurement results and the need for progress to AIT is a vital component of our patient education program.  We include an AIT schedule overview and discussion on commitment required by the patient to enroll in an effective immunotherapy regime.

Allergy Specialty Billing

American Allergy Services prides itself on its complete, “Plug and Play” ancillary service process, none more so than the expertise it provides in allergy specialty billing.

In its complexity, allergy billing requires expert knowledge and expertise to ensure not just the accuracy and compliance of its billing entry and processes but also to maximize the reimbursements necessary involved in the complete allergy process of testing, treatment, and allergy shot administration to the rendering provider and their practice.

AIT Administration

All patient immunotherapy administration is done on-site under the guidance and supervision of qualified staff and a medical provider.

American Allergy Services provides the capability not just to minimize the provider’s medical liability, in addition, the ability to provide the clinical expertise and process integration of ensuring all patient allergy shot treatment is administered onsite, every injection, every time.

Emergency protocols are standardized and implemented in case of any anaphylaxis episodes.

We are professionals highly trained and dedicated to your patients.

Our Pledge & Guarantee To Your Practice

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American Allergy Services can help you make more money and take care of your patients without sending them to a specialist. Our allergy technicians are well-trained and certified, which means they can help your practice benefit from the changes in allergy testing.

The Unique Benefits To Partnering With AAS

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We promise to boost your income by keeping more patients under your care and providing treatments within your clinic.

David Jones

Clinical Services Director

World-Class Allergy & Immunotherapy Instructors & Trainers

Unsurpassed Experience & Expertise

David Jones world renowned allergist

David Jones

Chief Operating Officer and Clinical Services Director, American Allergy Services

David Jones is an expert in allergy and immunotherapy. He achieved great success in the US Army’s Allergy Technician Program and became a Sergeant in just three and a half years. He was invited back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center as an instructor and is known as one of the best allergy instructors in the world. His civilian allergy training program is unique and the only one of its kind in the US. David is a member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology and offers expert guidance and treatment at allergy clinics.

Dr. William Lang  allergist

Dr. William L. Lang

(MD, MHA) Colonel, U.S. Army Medical Corps (ret) ; Chief Medical Officer, WorldClinic

Dr. Bill Lang is a healthcare professional with lots of experience in health services operations and policy. He knows a lot about finance, clinical care, and healthcare administration. He’s worked in important jobs before, like as Director of the White House Medical Unit and Deputy Physician to two Presidents, and as Associate Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. Right now, he is the Vice President for International Medicine at the Inova Health System. During Covid-19, Dr. Lang is helping big companies make plans to keep people healthy. He knows a lot about finances, clinical care, and healthcare management, and can come up with good ideas to protect people from things like security threats or pandemics.

Our team can help you offer allergy and immunotherapy services at your practice.

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American Allergy Services is a top provider of allergy and immunotherapy services. Our team helps healthcare practices like yours take even better care of your patients while making more money. Our job is to seamlessly bring our services to your healthcare practice at no risk and at no cost to your practice. It’s turnkey and proven.

What Doctors Are Saying

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Dr. SFlorida
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“David Jones and AAS have been a pleasure to have in my clinics.  I opened my first location with David over 18 months ago and in that time saw an increase in my Net Income of over $168,000.  I have since, just in the last month, asked David to deploy Allergy and Immunotherapy services in my other 4 locations.  For a Dermatologist, this is a MUST HAVE service for my practice.”
Dr. C
Dr. CFlorida
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“Since 2020 my practice has earned over nearly $800,000 of Net Income by implementing Allergy and Immunotherapy services in my locations.  It has been an absolute pleasure to have AAS as my partner and not only have they delivered on what they promised but remained fully compliant and professional with my patients, my staff and myself.  This is arguably the best ancillary service available to physicians in the market today.”
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Dr. ANorth Carolina
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“As a practicing physician, I have seen firsthand the transformative impact that allergy immunotherapy services can have on the lives of my patients. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend American Allergy Services as the go-to provider for any Physician seeking effective, safe, and affordable allergy immunotherapy for their patients.

Not only does AAS offer cutting-edge treatments, and deliver exceptional patient care and support that is unmatched in the industry, they do not in any way interfere with the workflow in my rather busy practice. Their team of highly trained and experienced specialists work tirelessly to tailor individualized treatment plans that meet the unique needs and preferences of each of my patients, while simultaneously taking any of the burden off of my staff or myself:  in short we LOVE them!

Dr. A <small>(con't)</small>
Dr. A (con't)North Carolina
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...And as a bonus, I have seen amazing economic benefits as well.  We are generating additional net income of over $298,000 per year, and we’ve been with them for over 2 years.

Overall, I am proud to recommend American Allergy Services  to Physicians seeking to add Allergy/Immunotherapy as an Ancillary Service to their practice. With their expertise and dedication, I have no doubt that they will continue to be a leader in the field for years to come.”

World-Class Partner Orientation

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Frequently Asked Questions from Doctors:​


Most primary care or family health practices can provide and bill for this service. We provide the services to your clinic, while you or your physicians oversee total patient care.
Most primary care or family health practices can provide and bill for this service. We provide the services to your clinic, while you or your physicians oversee total patient care.
Yes. Allergy testing and immunotherapy is an FDA recognized treatment with established results. Most insurance providers reimburse for these services.
A simple skin test includes the most common airborne allergens and a food test that can be customized to the doctor’s and patient’s request. The results are ready in 15 – 20 minutes.
What’s “out there” is not working. Patients suffer in silence without knowing there is an alternative. Patients prefer their family doctor to oversee their total care. Diagnosing and treating airborne allergies in your clinic is within your scope of practice. This presents a vast patient care opportunity in addition to a financial opportunity.

Over time, the immune system becomes desensitized to the allergen. That reduces the frequency and severity of your allergic reactions. The success rate of immunotherapy is very high. About 85% of immunotherapy patients reported that their allergy symptoms were either eliminated or significantly reduced.

You can utilize our Revenue Calculator to estimate the monthly revenues your practice could expect based upon patient volume.
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Each and every practice is unique. As result, the revenues and benefits you can expect from your relationship with American Allergy Services will vary based on a wide array or variables — including, your weekly number of patients, your current patient turnover, and even your geographic location. Use this handy calculator to help you estimate the revenues your practice might expect from your relationship with American Allergy Services.

“Patients are our Priority. Service is our Focus. Contributing to your success is our Goal.”